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    Will be going off-grid 5 years if not sooner. Have electrical mechnical skills with a bit of a green thumb. Looking at aqua farming. Interested in hearing from others in the area


    Trm- Hang on. I just heard from a friend of mine who has a successful aqua farming operation. He would enjoy talking with you. When I locate his website I will post it.



    Much appreciated catch the article in Todays Toronto Sun they call it vertical farming


    TRM; aquaculture is also big on the praries with stocking ponds. Try the various provincial agriculture departments sub group aqauculture.

    When I lived in Ontario there was a big push to develop aquacultuer up near Georgian Bay. A friend looked into it as a possible career move for his daughter who wanted to study to become a biologist at Trent University.


    Live in Orillia. Trust me there is not much being delveloped that isn’t oil based agriculture and anyone trying too much is hassled. New building codes require P-eng stamped drawings $1500 – $2000 additional cost to the average house and the worst part is you have to build to someone else’s specs who has one thing on his/her mind CoverYourA$$. Just helped a friend build just north of ParrySound figured it cost him at least an extra $10,000 dollars more than it should have. Defenetly looking for a unassumed township with no building codes.

    I saw a closed fish hachery for sale in this area and don’t here or see of much happening. found this and it makes sense


    Does it have to be in central ontario? secondly why did th e hatchery close? what was the market they catered to ? Could another product have been more sucessfull. I lived in a hatchery for three years and they wer immensely sucessfull My wife processed 1500 fist per day for the restaurant trade.


    Looking a little north of Parry Sound trying to stay within 3 hours of Orillia for family. As for the hatchery only saw the real estate listing it as a closed down hatchery. Were you at an Ontario Hatchery, what kind of fish?

    I’m not looking to make it the only part of my off grid experience. I just want to raise enough to eat and maybe bring in a little extra coin


    I had friends living at an Ontario hatchery down by Hwy 47 but I was living at a hatchery in BC. Both places were raising trout for the restaurant trade.

    One pound weight is just about right for one table setting meal.

    The place in BC would have been perfect for an off grid situation because it was fed with three seperate springs falling some 30 feet with a flow rate in excess of 1000 gallons per hour. Because of the steep gradiernt it was excluded from fish habitat definition (artificial hatchery did not count) so it would have been permissible to power a micro hydro turbine for power. Owner was so cheap that although he would have liked free power he was too cheap tp spend any money to get it. Typical dutchman!


    Lost their contract from a supplier maybe, I think this is

    going to be a growth area in the future thanks to BP.

    The only seafood I’ll be eating is Alaskan King Crab and

    maybe getting a fishing licence. Let’s see do you pefer

    mercury or a drop of oil with your seafood?

    Would you have trusted the dutchman around power generating

    equipment or in charge of the maintenance budget?

    Here the windmill people offer farmers to lease the land

    $6000 a year for the windmill on their farm, 40 foot blades

    3 transport trucks just for the blades. What’s the farmer

    gotta do “Nothing” can he grow $6000 dollars worth of crops

    in the space they are asking for every year No so they grab it

    Maybe he’d lease the water flow and some land


    Have you looked into farming Tilapia fish?

    Since you are looking primarily at own food consumption this may be of interest.

    You asked if I would have trusted the dutchman around the power generation. Maybe not but since I lived there I would most likely have been looking after it in any case.

    Some Toronto based company offered a local rancher friend the same deal about renting his land for wind farms. Nothing came of it. I syspect that after they finished their wind studies they realized it did not have the potential for sustained power development needed. Periodic strong gusts on some days is not as good as sustained lesser winds day in and day out.

    Away from the coasts nothing is as good as constantly flowing water. at least not up here in higher latitudes.


    Not every windmill site gets approval There was a site

    approved around Shelburne not every farmer approached in

    the area got one


    @trm was the Shelburne site a Wind Farm or just for private use. Ther are very different criteria applied to each kind of situation.


    No this was a wind farm setup. Each blade was as long as a

    transport truck trailer with a bit of overhang. Shelborne

    area is the windest in Ontario also the highest

    I work in an auto plant near there, they were trying to get

    us to buy the power. I also know of a guy in that area

    who bought land and thought he was going to build

    Ontario Hydro wanted $30,000 to put in the poles and wire

    to his land. First he went off grid 1kw solar 1kw wind

    ended up hooking up to the grid and selling hydro

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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