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    ok so i’m 17 and a female, i’ve been living off-grid (IN A WAY) , i havent watched tv in over 1 year, and i deleted all my e-mails (except one) , and i got rid of my cell phone and i deleted my myspace.. basically i still feel thats not enough, i wanna live off-grid even more, but i’m sorda traped because i still live with my mom and i go to school..

    … can anybody give me some tips to live off-grid in my situation? :)


    Ask your mom to buy a small van or other recrational vehicle. Park it somewhere cool. Then you move into the van, and mom gets an extra room in the house. You still come home when you want to use the bathroom. Easy if you know how!


    Good effort BlueJ, disconnecting is part of the off-grid mindset, but reconnecting in a more intelligent way is just as important. Anyone working towards a more ecologically sound way of life soon starts to understand the importance of local community to their efforts.

    Take your Mum with you, ie help her to understand how looking at these questions might make both your lives richer.

    Take your friends with you and make some new ones, there will be people in your neighbourhood your own age who are already interested, and many more who could be.

    Keep up the good work.


    Good for you, Blue Jay. I also think the importance of community is of the uttmost importance. Consider using a bicycle, and education, as you are still with your mom. Personally, I think staying connected, i.e. the internet, IS very important. Even MySpace can link you to others who are starting to go Off-Grid. You are still in a great position to learn as much as you can and incorporate what you learn to help reduce and reverse what we’ve already done to damage our environments.

    Some other things you can do: Eat less processed food and buy locally grown food. If your mom resists, you could offer to do the shopping for her and help with meal preparation. While shopping, use a cloth bag instead of plastic (I just saw some on sale at Safeway for $.99).

    If you have the room, start a compost pile and use the product to support your local trees and gardens.

    Have you replaced all your regular light bulbs w/ low wattage florescents yet?

    Buying clothes from a “vintage” clothing store (or Goodwill) is another great way to not only save money, but reduce landfill space and recourses.

    Even grosser: Blow your nose in a dirty t-shirt instead of tissue paper. You’ll have to launder it anyway, and you eliminate the need to consume the tissue.

    And maybe the most important thing, have fun with it. I bet you can think of a bunch more things if you put your mind to it, and I think everyone deep down really does care about making our little corners of the world better. But who wants to be like those echo-nazzies who go around making everyone feel bad about breathing?? Make it cool to do the right thing! :)

    Keep up the good work!


    thanx so much guys for the ideas !! im already starting to change more, i even gave most of my clothes to salvation army, and i piked up afew threads from goodwill.with alittle help from a certain book(steal this book), i got alote of ideas on how to be more self-sufficient, and i even started recycling plastic shopping bags and takin old newspapers to a recycling plant by where i live.. my mom doesnt exactly agree with my philosophy on life, shes the complete opposite of me , i dont know how that happened. she wants the best things in life, and she thinks that money is everything. its hard talking to her, she doesnt understand. i think that shes alittle embarassd of me too now that i dress differently , sometimes she calls me a hippy. i seriously doubt that she will let me move into a van -since we live in a small apartment, but once im 18 and out, i’ll probobly try to buy a van and live in it

    …anyways, thanxx guys :)

    .. by the way -i meantioned a book above, its alittle outdated since it was written in the late 60’s (by abbie hoffman), but it can still be very resourcefull for those who want to be more self sufficient,

    highly recommend it!

    peace :)


    That is a great book BlueJ. I am a proud owner of an original first edition. Well, owner is perhaps the wrong word.

    Now it has been re-released. Please would you like to review it for this web site?



    Start saving for a piece of land that fits your needs or get your parents to let you build in the backyard.


    sure Nick, i’ll be happy to review it!!

    .. its a great book!! you’re lucky you have a first edition! i stole a copy from barnes and noble, this book is one of the greatest books ever written in my opinion!! .. i dont wanna brag but i gave myself a tattoo last night of one of his most used words from that book, can you guess what it is? lol, starts with an “L” .. ok the word is ” LIBERATE! “

    …its pretty awesome, but its not looking well, i have to do 3 more coats and then touch ups before its done .. anyways, yes i would like to review the book for this site , just tell me where to post my review, and i’ll get started :)


    Hey blue….really look forward to seeing this review soon! Why don’t you just post it here and/or email it to

    Happy holidays!



    Move into a shed in the back garden and start growing some veg.

    Add some batteries and a small wind generator and/or some solar panels as and when you can afford them and you will be well on your way to off the grid life but with the security of knowing your parents are not far away


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