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    I am looking to buy some land to go off-grid. Does anyone want to share some land? Please post up here and maybe we can get a few people together.

    I have a trailer and a yurt. I don’t mind where it is as long as there is water on site, and trees. It could be in Cornwall or California as long as its beautiful.

    I’d also like to talk about how it would work. I want to do my own thing, and looking for others who want to do theirs, rather than a close-knit group.


    ….and I should have said, does anyone know of any land for sale – in my two fave places Boseman, MT, or Dorset,UK by the coast.


    Hi I live in Austin TX and am at an age where I would like to begin to own a home but would like to try building a cob cottage style off grid situation close enough to downtown so I can still work in the city and have under an hour of commute time.


    Hi there

    Any joy with your hunt for land..i’m in the devon area and am just starting out on my journey..currently seeking out places i can park up in my campervan.


    Am looking for land too. But I’m up north and it ideally should be close to Manchester as am hoping to cultivate it. Not really looking to live on it at the moment. But am interested in sharing, just let me know. As for down south, who knows what may happen in future.


    Are you basically looking for an allotment or two? Allotment associations are almost invariably oversubscribed, and may be able to supply you with people to collaborate with.

    There are also many scraps of land in urban areas, such as the corners of car parks, company offices,housing estate and edges of public space that the owners or managers must pay people to maintain, perhaps approaching them and offering to manage it for them, in return for some in season fruit and veg could be an approach that might work.


    hi my name was hteo but is now monkey because i lost my username and password. thanks and its food for thought, but i’m really hoping to go self sufficient for food, so would really need about an acre.


    I am not sure you need an acre for food self-sufficiency. Have a look at the self-sufficiency section hosted by Agric. He is saying 30 feet by 30 feet is enough. Even if the truth is somewhere in between its a lot less than an acre.


    I recently purchased 5.3 acres near elpaso texas with no building restrictions for $700. Go to ebay and type in realestate el paso.


    Hi Lamar – it woud be great to learn more about your acres near El PAso. HAve you moved there yet?


    Anyone have experience with Williams AZ? Outside Flagstaff?


    Guys, look at my new post about zero-energy homes!



    There is a growing movement in the USA to foster hybrid homesites, which allow you to generate your own solar and wind energy, sell the excess to the grid and rely on the grid as a back up power supply. One example is Freedom Farms in Texas. See our classified ad at this site.

    Does anyone know of other similar communities where one can purchase a hybrid homesite?

    Nick Rosen

    Hybrid Home sites are a good idea – not just for power but for water as well. I call it being off-grid ready.

    But it does restrict you to places where the grid is already installed. If you were setting up a new eco community from scratch you would probabaly want to do it somewhere that the power and water companies did not yet cover.



    I am also looking for land in the Bozeman, MT area to park my Bus and live off the grid. I am currently living off the grid in Wyoming and have been for the last year. I have been looking into Paridise Valley but land is expensive and I can’t do it on my own either.

    We seem to be looking for the same thing, however for that area I think we need alarger number of people than 3 (I am getting married) to afford land with trees and water. Anyone else?


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