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    Herb, you’ve made a good start to your blog – you’re a good writer, keep blogging.

    Best of luck !



    I certainly appreciate you taking the time to look. Thank you for your compliments.

    They are deeply appreciated.


    I came across this site looking for some advice and possibilities for powering my off grid paradise. I noticed a lot of posts about how to go about off grid living. I have been writing about my experiences and thought you might find this helpful.

    Read along at:

    If this helps let me know.

    Follow your dreams.


    Our site has a good start about off grid power and lifestyle. You might like to visit us at


    Jackie and Marshall


    Marshall has an excellent tutorial series on how to build a power system. Best of all, the concept is scalable to suit almost any size home from an RV van camper to a big ranch. I have been building such system for a decade now although my first effort at a genverter dates back almost 40 years. Last year I ended up quoting on how to upgrade a ranch system for a 17 building, 4000 acres self sufficient retreat commune. This week-end I received a query from someone who is looking to move to our area in order to minister to a church congregation. He needs an off grid home PDQ.

    As an interim step he plans to bring his caravan camper and park it on a piece of land that is not serviced nor would it meet the building codes as mentioned by the poster who first wrote about ‘failed in BC’. Since we are in the same area in BC near Prince George I have a good idea how to overcome the issues. My wife’s uncle lives off grid on the family homestead and there are half a dozen off-grid homes in this area already.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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