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    Just letting people know the Simple Solar Homesteading ebook now contains plans for the solarium porch, solar air heaters, solar methane, generator, tipi greenhouse and more…


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    Very interesting source. I will be sure to get it. By the way – there is a free tool that allows you to calculate your solar roof capacity, get a free estimate of what costs and savings would solar system bring to you – the site is operated by Berkeley ‘solar heads’ – check it out at



    I purchased your $5 ebook and I must say it;s very impressive. Nobody should have any issues paying for the ebook. My wife and I are in the process of heading off the grid and plan on using many of your ideas for our journey. We are considering starting a blog about the transition from our big city (detroit) life to our off the grid life and the triumphs and challenges it will bring. I would love to contribute a little bit in your newsletter for people who are considering moving to off the grid. Thanks once again for the great ebook!



    I have bought your book and I got very inspired. I am going to make a solar airheater, not exactly as yours but you inspired me and I looked for the best solution for me. Thanks, the e-book was very helpfull. I have lots of ideas now. My semester doesnt feel long enough.


    Thank you folks for the warm response!

    I have dedicated my life to helping others learn to live simple self sufficient lifestyles and preserve the homesteader ways and I am seeing a lot of interest- which makes me very happy!

    I now have videos:

    And I have started an free online newspaper called Homesteader News:

    Please ask questions and I am always happy to help others with ideas!



    and we are also very thankful having you here!

    it won’t be a very nice and informative thread if it isn’t because of people like you



    That’s amazing news. We are in the process of putting together an off the grid community in Northern Nevada just outside of Lovelock, NV and Crescent Valley, NV. We have 40 acre parcels of land for under $499/acre for those looking to find a spot that doesn’t necessarily have power, but great access. If you run into anyone needing land please feel free to pass them our way. The weather is excellent in Northern Nevada with not much snow and fairly mild summer temps. Some of the parcels we have are located on our site at:

    Good luck on your quest and we will be posting additional information on this forum as we start building our off the grid communities.


    hey Lamar,

    your web site, which i found last year helped me out in my off grid cabin

    i am not a builder by any aspect of the word but you made it look easy, so, i did it. I built a 16×16 cabin with a loft i still need to get pics up but thanks. and your e book has tons of usfull info

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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