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    Help serve congress a legal subpoena to answer YOUR “redress of grievances”

    In order to form a more perfect union the occupy movement began and swept across the country. Among its goals, to remove corporate influence over elected officials and restore the power of the democratic process to the people. Now the people are gathering together in an attempt to ratify an important document to be presented before Congress. This document will be written by delegates that the people elect.

    The polls will open on March 30 2012 and Americans will be able to vote on and elect 2 delegates, one male and one female, from each congressional district in every state. These delegates will undertake the duty of authoring the historic 99% Declaration, a formal list of grievances. Celebrating the constitutional right of the people of the United States to formally redress and petition the government, the 99% Declaration will pose these grievances to lawmakers.

    We need the help of people like you as plans to facilitate this achievement unfold. In order to take the necessary next steps we must stand vigilant. If you can give anything, even only one dollar, go to register to vote

    With your help we can change history, and change this country for the better.

    To view the current draft of the list of grievances and comment visit the website at:

    radio address of list of grievances be sent congress

    Listen to this radio address and see how you can change this country by helping with a list of grievances we approve as delegates of the US

    go to and join and sign to be a delegate


    click the DONATE button on the far right side. Please help us reach our goal to earn a matching $18,000. Even if you only donate a little everything helps.

    Send checks to:

    Post Office Box 190

    Red Hook, New York 12571

    Please make all checks payable to “The 99 Percent Declaration Working Group.”

    NOTE: The 99% Declaration is a not-for-profit organization formed under the laws of the State of New York for the sole purpose of funding and facilitating a National General Assembly (NGA) in Philadelphia the week of July 4, 2012. This effort is run solely by the energy of volunteers who care about our great country and want to bring it back to its GLORY.

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