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    Owner called me and settled account for cost of parts. $900 plus GST, so ended up costing $945.00 instead of $1,900 plus. Happy to resolve problem.


    Hello everyone :)

    I bought a 6 year old house last year that had a Baxi Luna tankless boiler for domestic water and heat. The unit was working fairly well for the most part except that it could not supply bathtub hot water when fully opened.

    This May I bought another home and rented out this home. I decided to get annual maintenance done by Custom Comfort, who was the local dealer and had provided service for previous homeowner. They quoted me under $200 for maintenance.

    They showed up and replaced every part you could get your hands on, even replacing the heat exchanger. They were leaving when I got back home, so I checked the hot water at the bathtub, and surprise, there was no change. The service guy then spent a half an hour in driveway talking to their expert on the phone. He could not resolve the problem. He came back a day or two later with their expert boiler guy and he correctly diagnosed the problem as being a faulty diverter valve. They had to order it because they did not have it in stock. Had to wait another day as they shipped the wrong part. They did come the following day and installed the part, and told me and my tenant that the bill would be somewhere around $600 dollars.

    You can imagine my surprise when a month later I got a bill for over $1,900 dollars, and the bill said replace a couple of sensors and diverter valve, they never even mentioned the heat exchanger. I checked on Ebay and I can buy a brand new Baxi Boiler for $2,500 US. Now what are my options here. I feel that I am being severely ripped off and being charged for the service companies incompetance.

    What are your thoughts and suggestions. I deal with a lot of homeowners everyday and many of them ask me about tankless water boilers, until this occurance I always thought they served a purpose for people looking to conserve energy. Not now, at least not with the type of service we have in Barrie, Ontario.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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