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    I’m trying to find out if anyone has installed an automatic electrical wind turbine brake, if so I would be very interested to hear your opinions on it. It may be that I am mistaken but it seems to be hard to get hold of one of these. I’ve seen a company in China which says they have an automatic electric brake but details seem to be missing. There is – or was – a unit made to go with a turbine called the “Miniwind” but it cost as much as the turbine and only did the braking. I’m sure there are others – anyone know of any companies doing such a thing?

    I developed a custom turbine controller for a customer who wanted it to do “everything” – brake the turbine when the wind was too strong, switch the generator on and off depending on battery condition and of course act as a charge controller. Now I’m trying to find out what other units are on sale but I’m not finding much at the moment. I won’t put a link to my own unit here as it may be seen as advertising and that’s probably not allowed.

    If anyone has any information on this I’d be interested. If anyone wants to ask specific questions on electric turbine braking I can explain what I know about it. It’s a more complicated subject than I expected when I first started working on it.


    From your description it sounds like you are looking for something beyond the typical dynamic brake shorting switch with or without a resistive load. For the 12kW turbine controller I worked on we used a movable wane to turn the actual head out of wind. the big units in Denmark use disk brakes but this also requires access to the head for mechanical modification.

    What are your options and how big a unit are you trying to brake?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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