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    1) I have had little interest in the meet & greet so if you are interested PLEASE EMAIL ME! The Alpine Texas location is too remote & costly, so I’m researching the PA location. (Will keep you posted)

    2) I’ve researched the school districts in Austin Texas and here are the ones that appear pretty good-

    Cedar Park
    Lago Vista
    Dripping Springs
    Lake Travis
    Round Rock

    3) I’ve finally found an architect I’m pretty sure I’m going with. I found him by posting an ad on craigslist – (I emphasis caution using craigslist, if you use it, be smart about it, use common sense)
    He is located in Baltimore, MD but I think he could work on making plans for anyone. He is willing to work within a budget. I haven’t meet with him yet but as soon as I do and I have plans made, I will post updates on this forum. I will also ask him, if I can share his name and email address on this forum.
    (I tried finding an architectural student by going through the universities in Maryland and Austin but none of them were willing to help & most never responded back.

    4) I’m meeting with my friend next week who is an electrical engineer. The information he shares with me, I will share with you on this forum. Solar panels only produce 200watts, so just using solar can get pricey. I’m hoping my friend and I can come up with something more efficient and less costly. I’ve been looking into a hybrid Solar/Wind system. I also found a house called the zero house  its very nice but also very expensive! I emailed the zero home designers with questions but they never emailed back.

    5) My home plan

    Exterior– slag cement (Open for suggestions)
    Heating/Cooling – Geothermal and/or home design (layout) You would be surprised to find that the design of your home greatly effects your heating and cooling costs, this is where an architect is imperative)
    Water– water cisterns, gravity fed, gray water recycling (1inch of rain over 1 acre of land yields 27,000gallons of water)
    Electricity – Hybrid (still designing)
    Interior- No dry-wall, so electricity will be organized and made to look industrial (not incomplete or messy) the interior doors I’m going to use a track system to save space, possibly covered in fabric to help with the acoustics
    Bedrooms– I’m keeping them small 12×12 with built in storage and a small “Jack n Jill” closet (Share)
    Bathroom – Composting toilet with gray-water recycling

    6) Land – I’m using I tried emailing the agents about buying part of the larger lots, but never got a response. I’m still going to keep trying. I’m determined! I had 1 agent call me regarding one of the lots I can afford, but it had a contract on it. She did, however, send me additional lots to consider.

    That’s it for now! :)

    ~ jennifer

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