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Home Forums General Discussion Anyone trying to live off the grid in the Wayne County, Michigan??

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    I’m Justin. Just to befriend some likeminded people near me. I live Wyandotte and currently live with my grandmother, temporarily. I will be going off the grid within the next few years, though. I’ve lived out in the forest before for a few months, but not in the winter. I got really lucky that time though I think, I trying busking and made about 8-12 dollars a day playing the guitar, but that usually only works in the summer when people are outside doing stuff more. I’ve been looking for a job since December of last year and I’m optimistic, but getting very frustrated. If anything happens to my grandmother (87) than I don’t know what I’m going to do. My mom is supposed to inherit her house, so I might end up staying but than we’ll have to pay the overly high city taxes. The water/heat is like 38-50 dollars month depending on the month. We usually keep it between 69 and 74. Basic Cable is 29.95 a month. I could most likely apply for food stamps if I had to but I wouldnt neccesarily get them until I start school. Going to Wayne County Community College in the spring. Can’t wait to start that. Well if anyone lives in Wayne County let me know!

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