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    Does someone know how to (or whether it’s possible to) get hold of a plot of land in Ireland (e.g. 1-2 acres) for a few thousand euros?

    Building plots sold for sky-high prices until the economic depression started, and the countryside is full of big vulgar 4-5 bedroom houses which are on the market with zero interest from potential buyers, or which the owners have decided to let for relatively low rents just to pay off some of their debts. In many cases these houses are new or even still to be finished. The owner may have bought a building plot for 150k, built the house in garish money-no-object fashion for say 200k, and then put it on the market for 700k, now knocked down to 500k but still with no takers.

    But there are still so-called “building plots” on the market (albeit again with no takers) for ridiculously high prices, e.g. 100k for 1-2 acres.

    Me, I’m not interested in building a house. I would just want somewhere to plonk a yurt or plant a caravan. Might pay a little over the agricultural price, but no more than 3k or 5k euros. The more remote the area, the better. Somewhere on one of those remote peninsulas in the southwest, maybe?

    Unsurprisingly, the estate agents aren’t advertising anything like this.

    Does it exist??



    Hi David, I don’t know if it still exists in Ireland but on the continent, going local is the way. Through the internet I found several plots for sale and first contacted the mayor of whatever little speck the hamlet may be.

    Often the land that was for sale didn’t meet the requirements but the mayor usually knows if anything else is for sale and often at a much better price.

    That’s how I stumbled across the place I recently bought in a rural community.

    The mayor went out of his way to help me find something suitable. Plus I’ve avoided real estate agent’s fees this way as well.

    Do you already know which area you want to go to?

    Hope you find something by checking a local paper. Then contact the townhall (often run from the kitchen of the farmer who is mayor this period) and perhaps he/she’ll know more.

    Keep us posted will you?


    Hey Dave,

    I know this post is very late and you probably already have a site but it may help someone else out there also looking.

    What you’re looking for is out there as purely agricultural land (see but what you are prepared to pay and where you are prepared to buy are not compatible.

    The remote pennisulas in the south-west are some of the most over priced areas of Ireland for their beauty and remoteness. Land there is expensive and sites more so, even in this resession time. And any visit to the area will show you that the beauty claim is in no way undeserved.

    If you want cheap land you need to look at areas that have very little internationally recognised beauty or views (local beauty is still very much evident) these areas include counties Monaghan and Cavan.

    But even there, for land you can put a caravan on you are talking about €5,000 to €10,000 per acre minimum, anything cheaper and it’ll be either bog or forest or steep hillside, etc. Not including solicitors fees and land registration fees.

    Remember also you will need planning permission to drill a well and create access onto your land (assuming you already have road frontage but no gate). And you may also need planning permission to have a caravan on your land for more then a short period every year.

    That said, it is possible to buy cheap land in Ireland and I wish you luck in your endevor.


    Again – a very late reply but I have a site for sale in Leitrim for which I’m willing to take a low offer. I am in the UK and you can contact me via or +44(0)1934 833648. I’m not a developer – just have to sell this site for personal reasons.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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