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    Mr. Fixit

    It’s too bad that land in NM doesn’t have more trees.


    My family are all in Apacheland, we have been there forever. There is nothing wrong with the land, and in fact if ‘it hits the fan’ its not a horrible idea to stay in Apacheland where we- Apaches- know the land best. But as you like, if you don’t feel it is a good idea.

    Beast, where do you stand on your idea? As in, how is progress? I’ve been in the Mid East too long; I’m trying to come back to SOMETHING.


    been dealing with a bit of cancer the last 3-4 months, havent done much else
    would still like to do that tho, just have to finish kickin the cancers ass first
    so far so good tho, had my 2 month checkup today and im clean Nd cancer free
    next month doc is gonna try to rebuild my epiglotis so i can go back to normal
    after thats done, then yeah ill be lookin back into movin southwest


    Congrats beast for beating your cancer, hope things are going better for you as you are healing up.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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