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    ive got a line on a square mile of land in new mexico, each peson/family can buy however much land they want/need
    my only stipulation is if/when you sell it is to someone that wants to be a part of the community, dont want to see
    the grid infringing on our space…lol
    theres another square mile of reserved state land attached that cant be developed but we have use of it and there are existing/working wells and im tolf there are elk and permits for hunting such do get issued there
    also it has several ponds/small lakes and forests and open meadows, the entire propertry is already fenced in

    price is around $1000/acre, if interested email me:
    if that is too much i also have a line on a quarter section that is selling for $400/acre
    looking forward to hearing from some of you :)


    my vision of a chartered off-grid simple-living agrarian self-sufficient community village

    elected paid public offices (2 year terms- 2 consecutive terms max, 4 terms lifetime)
    mayor/judge: oversees and represents the community, presides over conflicts and community meetings and functions
    secretary: keeps records for the community
    treasurer: keeps books/ pays bills, runs bank, buys sale items for markets
    constable: enforces community laws, constable doubles as prosecutor

    non-elected paid public positions (paid means housing, meals and a clothing alottment are free)
    operator: runs phones
    technician for all coms: keeps phones and cable working
    power technician: keeps power working
    sanitation tech: runs the sewer/fuel/power system
    doctor/nurse/dentist: runs clinic
    druggist: runs the apothecary
    water tech: keeps the water clean and flowing, distills waste water from sewage plant
    teacher: for our kids

    city buildings
    communityhall: building serves as meeting hall, school, city hall, courtroom and church as needed
    jail: mostly for looks but is functional, 2-4 cells max
    sewer/fuel/power: methane/electric. community sewer, collecting manure for methane production and electrical plant, methane fuel sales (compost goes to highest bidder)
    comunications: phone/web/tv, we build our own phone and cable system and internet, possibly a community theater
    doc/clinic: community health
    apothecary: natural herbs and outside meds as needed
    waterworks: public water facility
    bank of simple city: our own private bank/credit union
    general store: dry good sales outlet for the community
    hotel/restaurant/saloon: local watering hole, eatery and accomodations for visitors
    market: farmers produce, flea-market, everything the general store dosnt carry

    privately owned shops we need
    spinner: someone to spin the fiber we grow into thread and yarn
    weaver: someone to weave our new threads and yarns into cloth, rugs, blankets, linens and ponchos
    tailor/seamstress: sew cloth into clothing for sale
    tanner/cobbler/harness maker/saddler: makes us shoes and leather goods
    tinker: mr fixit
    potter: pottery for the community
    glazier/glass blower:

    things we can sell to outsiders (tourists)
    rugs, blankets, sweaters, ponchos, sandals, shoes, moccassins, produce, canned goods
    glassware, ceramicware, harness, saddles, hats, thread, yarn, yardgoods, linens
    canvas, dishes/cups, methane fuel, composted fertilizer, nursery stock, leather
    leather wear,soaps, candles, knick-knacks, livestock, yard & garden tools
    a place to visit on vacation

    electric and in community healthcare are free to all community members
    community members are encouraged to barter with each other through the general store,
    trade your homemade candles for someone elses homemade soap
    this keeps the store stocked for tourists
    produce at the farmers market works the same way, barter between community members
    any time you can. why use cash between ourselves?

    no community taxes, each member contributes by doing his/her job and helping where help is needed
    also by trading your handicrafts at the public community markets. monies from sales to tourists
    will go to the community account for use in buying what the community needs that we cant make
    or grow ourselves, things like lightbulbs, toilet paper, drugs and baking powder.
    these things will go on the shelves of the markets for members to barter for.

    we create a charter for our community and incorporate the entire holding as a village or town
    this gives us the ability to govern ourselves and set our own laws inside the community, then
    in some logical portion of the community we build a small town consisting of the city buildings listed
    it needs only 1 or 2 streets to start with, if some members wish tio live in town we build more streets
    the general store and farmers markets will be in town so tourists will stop in and hopefully purchase
    much of our homemade handicraft items and use our hotel and restaurant facilities.
    this town will have a sewage system built below that carries all waste to a methane digester
    this digester will compost the waste and generate methane that will be used to generate our own electricity
    the compost will be displayed at the general store and farmers market for member trade and sales to outsiders
    the waste water will be distilled for reuse by the public water system. the entire community will have access
    to this free electric and water. community members grow produce, livestock, herbs or fibers for trade at the markets
    some members will produce handicrafts for trade for produce, fibers, livestock or herbs.
    also there will be things from the outside world that the community will purchase for trade at these markets
    purchases will be made using the monies made from cash sales of community trade items to tourists
    the community will also have its own credit union/bank where any monies you deposit will be invested in the communities future
    and needs, this bank will be controlled by the community as a whole, not a board of directors
    loans and investments will be made based on a full community vote.
    there will be no community council members, just the 4 elected officers to preside over community meetings.
    every adult member of the community has a vote in all the community does


    Good luck, I sincerely hope this works out.



    not doin so well so far, no inquiries :(


    This is a great vision – mind if I put it on the home page as an article? Can I have a picture of you? As founder you surely deserve an unelected place on the organising committee?


    sure if you can find me some other members….lol


    dont be scared now, here is me


    drop me a line at


    i dropped ya a line but ill be damned if i didnt ferget to put a hook and bait on the end….lol


    interesting your vision is rather  defined in a lot of ways yet, to bad you have land down in New Mexico .

    Right now trying to put up my views as i see or answer posts with this forum seems to take time to get on. so because of such it is descouraging me from coming back to this forum on a regular basis. Not only that, but i am pretty active and looking for problem solving hands on (from driving around looking for locations and talking to people in person) so my time on the internet is limited and if i don’t hear from or see my words on the forum or places i participate in  right away  i do not frequent the forum as much as i would if responses or my words get put down right away.

    Now to your idea or solution to community living. Back in the day of my people (i am indigenous to north america by the way, both grandmothers and one grandfather was fullbloods as fullblood would be born in the 18 hundreds. the last grandfather was half irish half native.) had heads of family yes. but to be a head of a family meant  he /she would be the one to take all the risks if so need be. Because women didn’t have ego to dominate they were the big decision maker’s in most part. In todays world i see that is in most part unrealistic but women do have that nurturing instinct more so then men still.

    As harsh as it may seem. life is about survival and to accomplish such what ever to save the community as a whole the warriors or fighters have to be able to do what ever it take’s to accomplish such. That is why the counsel say’s to the fighters protect our community and the warriors do what they have to with out consulting  the community. In order for a community to work you need that separation . nurturing needs to be separated from survival. we as humans each have a role in life to play and judgement can be a downfall of a community if you mix nurturing with survival. Even the armies today do that kind of structure, that is why it is called black op’s or false flags. Will a bear protect her young to the death? yes. will a mother take another life to protect her young in todays world? in most part most people can’t without feeling affected in some way shape or form. which eventually breaks down their immune system. yesterdays world and todays world are worlds apart, and emotions runs our live’s today where yesterday survival did.

    the fiat system is nothing but a iou system with nothing backing it. the barter is tangible and a fair trade. if anything that is the only way to go.



    You have great vision. Good luck to you.


    i dont have the land yet, i just found some that is worth getting
    it is in new mexico but up in the mountain areas so the climate is cooler
    there are lakes rivers and woodlands with elk running free in said woods
    and if no one comes up to say “theyre in” soon i will just let it go


    ive posted this on several other sites, it seems american people do not know geography or are just too lazy to actually read anything, the area thie land i am looking at isnt hot arid desert, its actuallyu mild climate that does get some snow, temps ranging from 20f to 90f and it has water elk and trees
    all that is beside the point, if i get enuff people together to do this we can find land somewhere more of the group likes
    personally id rather be 1000 miles form civilization but iy seems way too many cant live without stores and shops, even if they do live otg


    for anyone truly interested join us at Simple City


    well i have been up in the 4 corners a couple of time’s as well over in Albuquerque and have traveled the 160 up in Durango from Walsenburg off the the 25 while driving truck so yep i know the area somewhat. the actual location you refer to give me a town and i will google earth it matter of fact i do believe i have friends down in albuquerque that might give me more insight of the population.Never ventured the mountains down around the 4 corners. I hear what you are saying about the mildness in the area you are looking at and if it was a perfect world and i could convince my family to over see the populations in the lower 48 , i would consider moving south.  now if it hits the fan sometime soon i’ll just move the family north where there is no population at all in BC. Cause i am pretty sure there will be no such thing as separate countries like Canada and USA when the fan gets hit.It will be a free for all.  Myself if i could i would live in Alaska cause blizzards don’t bother me. But i got to please the wife. plus i know all the herbs and vegetation for medicines and nutrition here in Wa Id Mt and BC, and not only are the elk extremely healthy but the moose mulies and white tail dress out at exellent sizes besides the geese ,turkeys pheasants and blue grouse just crawl over one another to get eaten. Then there is the bluberries, huckleberries wild asparagus and corn blowing in the wind as far as the eye can see. Then there is the numerous variety of fishes hola.

    with all that who needs a store, shop or garden?


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