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    off the grid, off the map
    outta sight is where i’m at
    pay no bills and pay no fees
    feed no politicians greed
    leave the rat race far behind
    gives me peace of more than mind
    living simple, living free
    thats where you’ll be finding me

    no one here to drag me down
    like back when i lived in town
    no more worries, no more cares
    running with the wolves and bears
    on a mountain in the woods
    growing my own food and goods
    i live a life thats wild and free
    the way that life was meant to be

    self-reliant to the end
    i dont need a helping hand
    self-sufficient i will be
    if the gov stays away from me
    making my own pans and pots
    winter clothes and sleeping cots
    deep in the wild i’ll always be
    a mountain man just running free

    beast 6-11-14


    Very nice, is this meant to be a song or just a poem? If it’s a song, what music goes with it?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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