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    All-new Docu-Reality Series Seeking People who eat for FREE!

    Do you get a thrill out of spending little to no money on food?

    Do you dedicate your life to scoring meals in clever ways?

    Have you perfected the art of dumpster diving, coupon clipping to an obsessive degree or bartering your way to a full stomach?

    Do you crash events, meetings and open houses just for the free feast?

    Do you live in a big city, but manage to spend little money in gastronomical gains?

    This all-new docu-series for a major cable network will explore the lives of people who have mastered the art of EATING FOR FREE. We will follow individuals who dedicate their lives to acquiring food in crafty ways and revel in the thrill of their success. Ideally we are looking for candidates who proudly do this as a ‘life-style’ and not just as an occasional side interest. If you are a resourceful renegade who has forged a way of living that enables you to eat practically for free, whatever your reason/strategy may be, we want to MEET YOU!

    To be considered, please send us your name and contact info, along with a brief bio explaining your specific situation and approach to eating for free. Make sure to include a recent photo of yourself and send in an email to: Please put “EFF CASTING” in the subject line of your email submission.


    I think everyone on food stamps would be eating for free (at other people’s expense through taxes or the National Debt). There are millions.

    Back when I used to drink, I would hit the best “Happy Hour” to eat.

    As far as dumpster diving goes, there are a half million in Mexico City who live at the dump!!!

    What we do is grow a lot of our own food, and buy the rest mostly grown relatively locally. We buy future supplies when things are on sale and forgo some if they are not. I grew up on a lot of wild game and fish my dad, and later with me, hunted or fished.


    I find it despicable that a major cable network would seek to exploit such a situation. Lets face it, this cable network is seeking to derive revenue and vieweership from their docu-reality series because other reality series have proven popular and is a likely source of revenue. If the intent was altruistic they would have done it long ago as a human interest story.

    I’m not even sure why this post was allowed to be posted instead of being grouped under classified commecial ads.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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