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    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to share another way to live off the grid. BIOHOME’s! Have you heard of it or seen it? Check this out . The great thing about these is YOU CAN BUILD IT YOURSELF, and they take care of you rather than you taking care of it. It looks like the perfect off grid living. Tell you your thoughts.


    booboomc21, your posts here are bordering on spam, I deleted 3 of the 4 posts you wrote advertising your site, I will leave this one because it is on topic for this site. Please do us all a favor and don’t post a bunch of messages that are only promoting your site, we do encourage interaction here and if you have something ***pertinent*** to add to a topic, then please feel free to post.

    I checked out your site and it looks interesting, though it looks a bit pricey, especially the part about paying $2000 just to be licensed to build one of these domes, but it’s your deal and if someone wants to play ball with you, they will have to pay the fees. :)

    This reminds me a lot of the monolithic dome homes in Italy Texas, they use an inflatable form, don’t know which I’d like better, I’m sure they each have their pros and cons.

    I just finished watching the videos, very interesting, I see that the owner of this dome likes UFO and crop circle stuff, don’t tell anyone but I am also interested in that sort of thing, LOL.

    How are the acoustics inside one of these dome homes? Domes tend to have some interesting acoustics, ie sound is carried from one side to the other very readily, I suspect that the addition of furniture and such can dampen that quite a bit.

    The toilet system sounds interesting, I’d like to know more about that, we use the Joseph Jenkins Humanure method of composting toilet waste.



    TreasureGift, Im not trying to spam. I was just looking at forums that I thought mentioning the project would be relevent. I wasnt just posting it on every post.

    The project is not mine I just maintain the website. That’s what has goten me interested in the whole off the grid thing.

    So with that said. I have never been to the BIOHOME. Thats why I was curious about what others thought. It is kinda like monolithic homes but they are still dependent on mostly on grid elec. Because there look is supposed to be more modern. Where the BIOHOME has the bubble windows all over it that let the sun and moon light light your home. There are other difference’s too.

    Again I wasnt tryin to spam just let people know about another option. Like the person looking for a pre fab “green” house. Just thought mentioning a home they could build themselves would be an alternative. Either way its all good. I know you gotta watch out for spammers. They annouy me too.



    booboomc21, thanks for being understanding, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, normally if I think someone is spamming, I just remove them all together. Please feel free to post messages, but please don’t just post one after another saying “look at my site”, that comes across looking like spam.

    I was hoping that you had some experience with these biohomes, it looks interesting, especially since it can be a DIY project, though to be honest I wouldn’t pay someone $2000 just to have permission to build using their design, don’t know how that could be worked out.

    This may be something that this site owner would be interested in, don’t know for sure though, perhaps the person who builds the biohomes could contact Nick through this site.



    Yea I could bring it up to him. His only, income to my knowledge, is selling his design. His name is Ed Dilly Sr. If you google him you’ll find out all kinds of stuff. lol. But he live’s in the very first biohome which he built in 1997. He wants me to come out and see it, but not til this spring or summer. So I am excited about that. It’s in Nevada. So if your close you can arrange a viewing.

    About contacting Nick, I might shoot him a message first then if he’s interested I can get Ed with him.


    I hope when you go to visit the biodome that you take lots of pix and vids to post on line, it would be very interesting to see more about this.

    It’s pretty doubtful that I would be going to see anything in Nevada or anywhere else for that matter, we are pretty much dug in where we are and aren’t very likely to leave our little piece of paradise, we are homebodies. We are happy with our little sky castle, not much of a chance that we would build an entirely different home here. But I’m always interested in seeing what other people build, especially if it’s non-conventional.



    Yea I plan on taking tons of GOOD pictures and video. Wont be for a while. But I am excited about it. Im so ready to be off the grid.


    Hey guys,

    I’m not trying to break any rules by posting again. But i wanted to share something with you. BIOHOME is having a contest starting now. You can WIN a set of plans for the Solar Toilet. All you have to do is “Like” their Facebook Fan page. ( Then post a question and your entered to WIN. Thought you guys would like to hear that.



    Hi booboomc21, no prob, this is fine, I just “liked” Project BioHome on FB and I asked a question, I’m Nuna Bizness on FB. Thanks for the link.




    Yea we got you question. I like your FB name “Nuna Bizness” lol


    I wrote an article about how much it costs to go off the grid. The figures are approximate and conservative but I think you get the idea. I was surprised and pleased at how affordable it can be…here is the article:


    Pretty useful stuff, thanks for sharing!!..


    The geodesic dome is costly and spamming. The cob is doubtful for bldg. regs and eng. req. The best of all is a do it yourself Earthship if you have compactable soil w/o bentonite, and a source of free tires nearby.

    The tips on off grid living are good except for the cob building part. Check your local bldg. codes first. Location is everything. Sub-soil type is important. Doing all trades yourself is important for affordability, which takes some muscle power, brain power, and research, along with a lot of gumption.

    I found that most people tend to be lazy, and lacking in the ability to do much for themselves. The old pioneering spirit and abilities have stagnated, except in us few.


    I would have to agree with you Brie217, Its not as costly as people think to go off grid if they start from scratch. I think if you are converting a home over it probably will be costly.

    moguitar geodesic dome’s are not that expensive. I’m not sure where your getting your pricing from. I know to build a BIOHOME, for the same square footage, it costs about 1/3 the cost of a traditional house.

    Alexsmth114 I’m glad you found it interesting!


    Actually, for frame type houses, even the custom made geodesic dome kits, the easiest, quickest and least lumber is used in an A frame house with one side south facing with solar panels direct mounted and insulated windows with R30 foam backed doors and light directed at a stone or other type mass wall. Geodesic domes only have partial thermal gain and a hard roof to mount solar panels. It is an old style that was efficient in materials and different than conventional ranch housing of the time. The thing also nice about A frames is that the steep roof pitch is near the optimum angle for fixed panels, especially the rough surface tefzel type. Getting enough thermal mass in either is difficult. The Earthship used less lumber, is cheap with free dirt and tires, minimal wood use and maximum thermal mass. Rainwater catchment on a dome is much harder than an A frame or Earthship. An Earthship has the same esthetic of round walls that a geodesic dome does, but uses much less insulation, and of easy to self install type. Roof venting of a dome is problematical. Yurts are pushed as “eco-homes” too.

    To me, eco homes must have as many of these characteristics as possible;

    1)Low wood use, 2)a lot of thermal mass,3) use of indigenous materials,4) solar thermal gain, 5)solar power and/or wind power, 6)water catchment and/or recycling/minimal use,7) use of recycled materials, 8)super insulation and 9) interior year around gardens that grow food.

    The Earthship is the “Holy Grail” of eco-homes because it can have all 9 characteristics. Others can be designed to have all nine also, like straw bale homes with trombe walls and interior gardens. An A frame could have up to 7 out of 9, and a dome maybe up to 6 out of 9 with difficulty.

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