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    I use about twelve LEDs in out house but they’re not our main lighting source although they do help to make a room feel bigger and create a nice ambiance. You can use shades to soften the colour and I use red nail varnish – one thin coat to give a nice rosy glow and it wears well.

    I wish we could post photos directly into this forum, but here are some links to give you some examples.

    Here are some photos on my blog :

    and some photos of LEDs lit with their wattage in the text mouseover in Flickr :


    Anyone here ever used 12 volt LED lighting for their homes primary system? I’m thinking about are doing our place with LED lighting. The two things I have reservations about are the price and LED put such a harsh light. Dose anyone know of a way to soften LED’s?


    I am off-grid, use LED 12v lights bought from “LED liquidators”. Yes, they’re too expensive, sometimes on sale, but you can get “warm white”, which is about like halogen in both color and brightness. I like them. CCrane is way too expensive, too voltage-sensitive, ugly color.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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