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    You are looking in the wrong places. I’m a power system designer who migrated over from electronics. If you want examples to look at go find and dismantle a computer. All the drives and USB ports have molex type pin connectors on mother board. Pin spacing is 0.1 inch and the connectors for such peripherals like fans are polarized since the fans must have correct polarity power to work properly.

    These pins will carry a couple of amps. Look also at the power plugs on drives.

    This style of pin will carry 5 – 10 amps. Better grade of electronics whole salers do offer hand crimpers for those style of crimp pins. I have one with exchangable tips for doing a variety of styles. Industrial supply stores do sell loose pins in bags in smaller quantities. Often used by field techs doing repairs in the field.

    USB plugs offer a decent type of polarized plug good for 4 amps if the wire will carry it. Smaller size is the polarized molex but hard to find to scrounge or salvage unless you have experience doing component level board work. You will need solder wick and a micro tip pencil solder iron to do that kind of work.


    I am searching for power strips and SMALL (for small lamp wire, not for big solid wires) -plugs to fit, that can be used for off grid 12volt dc. Polerized or three prong.

    I have been looking at power strips from other countries like Australia.

    so far all I see is big bigness.

    Right now I am using small AC plugs that can be plugged into 120volt and kill all my $500 worth of LED lights.

    Yes I have AC from my land lords inverter. No, I use batterys.

    If I can leave links to show you stuff let me know.

    I have some realy nice LED lights you want more info on that.

    please do not direct me to cigarett lighter sockets.

    if I could get SMALL plugs for the AS 3112 AUSTRALIA or the British Standard BS 1363 or any thing that will handle the right size lamp wire.


    Digikey is the best source if the kind of equipment you want. However, they carry such a vast selection of products ikts hard to find what you want. you need to know what you want in advance in order to search foir and select product at digikey.

    For the power strips you could use a strip of vero board which is a perforated phenolic board having parallel copper strips and holes at 0.100 spacing. You could mount the polarized molex connectors on this. the copper strips will join all the pins to a common bus bar. Foil that size will carry in excess of 10 amps. Your plug in bus bar can be made as long as you want it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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