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Ok I bought that p3 international professional weather station. It does what it says except the history graph simply shows greater or less. Its not exact. I’m not sure what it’s showing me the history of also. For a device you may simply look at and then log on paper once a day, its fine I guess. It does not show barometric pressure.  It does not show solar intensity. It does not show wind direction.

What I actually want is a weather station that records hourly readings for all measurements for up to a month or longer. I should be able to transfer that data to my laptop with ease.

Temperature Inside/Outside
Humidity Inside/Outside
Dewpoint Inside/Outside
Barometric Pressure
Windspeed and direction.
Solar intensity.
Hourly readings.
One month or more recorded hourly history on all measurements.
Can transfer data to laptop.

Where can I find something like this and how much would it cost me? Maybe Ill have to make my own weather station like this.