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Utah has a lot of desert on its southern end. Salt Lake City area is very nice and popular and probably more expensive. I recommend a few things for this communities like this. You need some kind of “contract” between its members. Usually where you the founder are their benevolent dictator. Write up some mission statement. Write some guidelines to set a course. And think about leasing lots to individuals. I’m talking about 100 year lease. This type of lease can be sold and it can be inherited. Anyone buying or inheriting understands they must abide by some community stipulations. This might be kindof like a home owners association but not so cruel and watchful. HOA’s suck and they are usually for adding rules and regs on top of 3 levels of government. This is more for you saying “you can do what you want within certain off grid limits as long as it doesn’t interfere with me and others” It should say that two neighbors should try to work anything out that affects them and if they can’t the founder has final judgement.