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Hello there ladyapril,

I registered with this site in the hopes of starting and maintaining a correspondance with you (when you have the time, or *if* you find the time with how busy you are and will be).

I currently live in Phoenix, Arziona – but my fiance and I are trying to get on a path of getting off grid in 5 years or so. We are trying to save, research, and be ready to purchase outright what we feel our basic needs will be. What I’m most interested in is establishing contact with other like minded people, and learning from everyone before we make that leap.

What trials are you facing, what worked well and why, and what didn’t. Etc.

I am also quite possibly interested in volunteering our time / labor during as a vacation of sorts for us in exchange for room / board / possibly a few meals here and there. We are both hard working and enjoy physical activity quite a bit. We also love the outdoors. No man is an island, and going this route without a community of like-minded people will make things harder than they already may be in my opinion.

We are looking to learn about all things sustainable, not just in theory, but in a practical application environment.

Fiance is a welder, CDL driver (can operate just about any piece of equipment out there), mason, minor electrical, mechanic – etc. So he has much to offer.

I love to garden (although I am a novice), and love to cook, read, write, and am currently a self-employeed bookkeeper (bean counter) with a love for research, learning, and organization.

We are interested in farming, hunting, animal husbandry, construction, furniture making, etc.

If anyone reads this and would be interested in starting a pen-pal type of correspondance and perhaps learn from each other or possibly meet one day, please contact me at:

amber  _   curtis@hotmail   .   com  (without all the spaces).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you, and good luck!