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It would work. I’ve placed 50 farad 12 volt caps in front of the battery bank before and it does add to the total capacity of the system. The issue is that no one that I know of has ever built a massive capacitor bank in order to run from continuously. In theory a 20,000 Farad bank would perform better than any battery chemistry and would have an extreme lifespan compared to even Lithium chemistry batteries. The electric revolution is already here, but the storage side of the equation is still years away. Until Graphene hybrids are available at lead acid prices we will be moving forward at a snails pace. The company I do battery research for is working on these technologies:

But it is still an expensive battery because of the materials they use. Graphene batteries show the promise of inexpensive batteries with long life and will perform under extreme abuse (they have shown to take bullet holes and still perform at the same capacity just like Li/Po batteries do).