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We use the same one 12vman, we have 2 of them, one in the kitchen over the sink, wall and ceiling protected from the heat but unvented, the other one is in the shower, that one is vented through the roof. We have had the same batteries in both units since we first purchased them, holy cow! I had to look up when we installed those, turns out it was in 2008! I do know that D cell batteries are expensive, we live pretty far from town, so I found a replacement for them, it’s this little plastic doohicky that is the same size and shape as a D cell battery, but you open it up and insert AA batteries in them, I know we have those in both of our tankless water heater.

The one in the shower area isn’t used as often, but the one in the kitchen is used many times a day, every day…

Memory being what it is, I know the one in the kitchen was purchased in 2008, and I’m certain we haven’t changed the batteries in it, that one MAY have D cells, I can’t get to the battery box to see, the one in the shower has the battery converter in it, I’m thinking it may have been in 2009 when we purchased that one, but still, we are using the first set of batteries in it as well….