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Mr. Fixit

In my area, a basic apartment with utilities is at least $1000/month.  There are a couple RV parks here that include all utilities for $500.  That’s half the price. In comparison, that’s inexpensive.  As you point out, the average person has more debt than assets. Unfortunately, we are in a debt based economy. The more debt you are in, the harder you work (in theory). There are gobs of people out there who would love to free themselves but don’t know how. There are only 2 ways I can think of. You either increase your income or reduce your expenses. It’s not so easy to increase your income. Typically, everyone’s main expense is the place where they lay their head at night. If you can figure out how to reduce that expense without ending up in a place riddled with crime and violence, you are making headway in your quest.

Yes, there are some who are off the grid. They always have been and love it. What I’ve noticed about the posts on here is that the majority of people here are not in that position. Most are in the planning stages. For me, a camper/RV is an integral part of that plan.