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Hey so I’m new here and this site is awesome. Right now I’m just a wannabe off gridder…but that’s why Im here right ? I  am a soon to be single mom of 5 kiddos, yes 5..I’m practically old mother hubbard lol… The thing is I need to find myself and act on what I’ve been dreaming of for so long now…and that is raising my children in Nature and to shun all forms of materialism (thats another way of saying how  can i  raise 5 kids by myself in this materialistic hell hole) I’m starting to cringe as I see my older ones being molded into little consumers …they say Im just cheap…lol

I would find it so refreshing to join a community of women and children…I saw that term jilted lover and I guess I’m guilty. But its something more than that. I need to empower myself and be a good example for my kids especially my little girls. While men are great (most men) women depend so much on their “knight in shining armour” to come rescue them out of any situation. That’s whats been instilled in us since childhood. Why cant we take care of ourselves?? I could imagine a community where we all have the same goals. I’ve homeshooled before and I’m craving to do it again…although I was way too lax before and I felt like I was an inadequate teacher ..but now I see how the public schools can be compared to programming robots…I think with the right support and other children involved, homeschooling would be amazing! Think of the free thinkers we would be raising! Not just homeschooling,  but everything would be a joint effort.. a sisterhood.. its a beautiful idea.

We live just outside Atlanta now but I would love to relocate out west..We’re also practicing Muslims but we’re open minded and respect all beliefs and backgrounds.  If any of yall are interested let me know. In the meantime,  I will be saving $$ and learning skills. ..btw I’m studying nursing now but does anyone know where I might take some permaculture online courses.? Thanks for the post…I had been entertaining these thoughts for a while, it’s nice to have a little validation once in a while that Im not totally fru fru….sorry if I’m ramblin too but its 5 am and another sleepless night trying to make sense of it all..