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I’ve been using car stereo equipment for years. As Alrod53 states, it’s that simple..

I use home audio speakers instead of car stuff. They sound much better. If you’re not using an amplifier, stay in the 100 watt region..

Always use ground loop isolators on your audio inputs if you connect another device to your head unit powered from the same battery. Ground loops can and will fry stuff! I used a small amp with a TV powered by the same battery, using the earphone output of the TV to the amp, and the TV went up in smoke! Totally destroyed it! The “Ground” of the earphone jack on the TV wasn’t at the same potential as the battery ground. It used a floating ground power supply in the TV for the audio section and the amp “Ground” or shield of the audio inputs were at battery ground potential. Not a good mix..

I use one of these for my TV/DVD system. I had to build a seperate power supply for this unit because of a ground loop issue through the HDMI connection to my video projector..