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Yes Edd, they’re all a bunch of crooks. Fortunately I’m not hooked up to any except water, and that I get through a neighbouring farmer so don’t have any contact with the water company. I’d hate to be back in the utility free-for-all. Get that camper soon as you can :) –

Incidentally I saw your post about needing power for welding etc. I have the same problem and just have to find ways round it. You can use a welder off a fairly cheap generator, ditto grinders etc. In fact I mainly use a genny that cost me £90 new for small tools. It’s easy to move around and no great worries about getting it stolen. For a drill I mainly use a 24v cordless that I run on 2 car batteries, charged from the solar panels. I have a bigger generator if I need it, but they are quite cheap now unless you want best quality. Mine’s and old Honda one that cost me £120