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Ok, my apartment is connected to a main gas supply. The gas heats my home in winter, and heats my water. I don’t need this in the summer, also I have an electric shower. So to save money, I don’t ‘top up’ the gas card. straightforward? Every winter when I really need heating I find my accont to be at least £60 in debt, yep they are charging me for not using gas. This I have got used to, no, there’s no leak, that’s just how it is. However this year they have decided to sent me a letter. ‘why have you not topped up your gas since April, your account is now in £20 arrears, to stop furter action, courts, bailiffs’ blaa blaa you get the picture. See this gas account is a drop in the ocean, for me. But this is exactly the corruption I am trying to escape, by moving into a camper.