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Absolutely. I completely resonate with what you are saying gridfree. In fact I have a goal that I would like to share and perhaps you could give me some input. I think my ideal is your ideal, I will paste what I have wrote: What do you think of this concept, in which I have deemed to be of utmost importance for me to make reality, as it concerns the ideal way of life I envision. Imagine your home is powered by water wheel electricity, your food is supplied via a relatively self sustaining/low maintenance community food forest of ample diversity and abundance, where your village trades with the outside world, or, mates who buy things from the supermarket, things you have in abundance for things you need, eg meat, butter milk etc. Depending on the level of maintenance required once established, we are talking a way of life where your basic needs of survival are met by working in a relatively low maintenance food forest of potential beauty and wonder. What do you think? I know that I must save money to purchase land, which is very expensive,… what a bugger, as there is so much free space everywhere to begin something like this immediately :). You could just set up somewhere in the woods :P? But I dont think I should do that. I am 19 turning 20, have just began working within the system, paying bills etc. I wash dishes at a restaurant, perhaps I can find better work. my bank account is low. The fastest way I see this occuring is to save up and split the costs with a village worth of people. :)?

Regards from Tauranga, New Zealand