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yes, the sure way to learn is by experience, the more it effects you the faster you will learn not to do it again, Its not like we are in the real early years 1800 or earlier, in today time everything is obtainable with hard work and sacrifice wants to cater to the needs.

IMO offgid living is NOT harder than society commercialized work all your life shop at safeway 25 yr mortgage hire a professional to do everything because you have no time or energy after working for wal mart etc…. I see society easy now hard later, I dont like that idea, I rather work hard now while my body can handle the work to build and create the life I want, to make later easier, not saying there is not different challenges, there is, But compare the downfalls and sure mother nature can take everything, it happens, can make mistakes and have devastation in some ways, for the most part this would be because of my direct action or lack of.

This happens a lot less than than people loosing there jobs, interest rates going crazy, dollar crashing, market crashing, even over reach of legislation wrongfully taking citizens homes and land etc. these things for the most part are not the control of the individual, and the effect is very dramatic to say the least, and happens in drastic amounts daily.

when I look at the real picture what is really the best way for me to ensure an easy life, where I have more control over the outcome, Is to go offgrid, learn what I need to know, to make the proper choice later when it really counts.