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I believe in community, not communism of course. I believe it’s OK for people to live communally.  I think there is a place for that in even America. As long as people are free to leave it at any time. Sharing is great for those who agree to share. Giving is great for those who want to give and receive.  For example a monastery is a type of communistic life. A family unit can be also in a way to some extent. Sharing can be economically efficient. But any of this of course has to be by choice or it turns into theft.  Then there is theft by corrupt capitalism. So if not careful you can trade one evil for another with good intentions. I’m rambling a bit here, but my point is sharing is great, communal living great, community great, giving is great. But when sharing we change the entities of ownership from the individual to a group.  I really don’t have any idea what exactly you are trying to do here. But written agreements will make things cleaner, clearer and more like a community I think. Maybe constitution or creed or tenets or charter or whatever.  Should probably also define areas with boundaries and common areas.