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im on very bad dial up with a dinosaur pc thats running win2k, skype is totally out of the question…lol

heres me…
artist, blacksmith, carpenter, farmer, freethinker
over the years ive spent my time learning old crafts that would help me lead a simpler more self-reliant life
i can make spinning wheels, grow fibers, process and spin fibers, build a loom, weave spun fibers into material, sew material into clothng or knit and crochet
i can drop a tree, cut it into lumber and build houses barns sheds, furniture and things like churns pails barrels casks and tubs, i can make carriages and such also
i am a working blacksmith and tinker, these keep me busy and are my primary income
i raise my own meats, butcher them and cure my own hides and do some leather work, ive made and repaired harness and shoes
i heat and cook with wood that i cut myself scraps from lumbering or deadfall fro my own woods
i used to keep a dairy cow, made my own cheese and butter, but ive no use for 5-10 gallons of milk a day alone
i ride drive and work horses, ive even trained a couple
ive done construction work most of my life and am quite proficient in every aspect of it
i am almost solely self-taught in electronics and computers, repair and programming,tho i did take 2 years of college to see if i could get a degree (got hired as a robotics control programmer and didnt finish)