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Home Forums General Discussion looking for like-minded people to live off-grid in Georgia area Reply To: looking for like-minded people to live off-grid in Georgia area


The camper 12 volt dc/propane refrigerator uses to much power. The last one I tested used 5 amps an hour 24 hours a day. At 12 volts the best fridge I have found is a compressor type. 2.5 amps when running and only runs 8 hours out of a day. By adding extra insulation to the exterior you can cut that running time in half. If you are wanting a full size fridge most are going with a standard ac energy-efficient fridge and using an inverter. For what you save on the cost of an ac fridge you can buy a lot of solar panels to help run it.

after a bit more research on my part, you’re right. I made a few assumptions which turn out to be wrong about rv refrigerators. it does appear they’re only cost effective if you’re using propane. maybe more direct solar heating or wood burning could work, but not ideas I’m ready to venture into. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. glad I haven’t spent money on one yet.

Do you currently live in Georgia.

I live just outside of Atlanta and would be interested in talking to you a bit more about your plan.

I’m also a developer/programmer and do a fair amount of “tinkering” with microcontrollers and such.

I live in pennsylvania, but I’m strongly considering moving south, possibly to your state. I have much more reading to do before a decide on a location. I’d love to have a chat some time, especially if you have similar goals and interests. can’t find how to send you a pm. I’m always on irc, I have a few instant messengers, or facebook.