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Any laptop can run off any type inverter since it has a battery that it runs off of.  Most Desktop computer can handle modified or sine if you use an UPS battery backup system it want care either.   Always use a surge protecter or power strip to protect your items.  Another hint is to insure you turn off the power strip to stop the vampire voltage in most electronics.   You actually waste more electricity with this than when the item is running.

You can buy a small pure sine inverter to run sensitive items with (digital) and a larger modified sine to run everything else.   I have both and run Macbooks, IMacs, standard PC windows based laptops and desktop and the only thing I have found is the timer (clock) might be off a little with the modified sine. That is with the desktops.  The laptops and Macbook since they run off battery they do not lose time.

If your recording TV shows with a digital clock recorder this is were the pure sine inverter comes into play.  Or you can just open up the time of recording 15 minutes each side if you dont want to spend the money on a pure sine inverter.

Just my 2 cents worth of information.  Hope it helps