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Thank you for your replies. You have given me some things to think about.

Zathris; I understand about the power surge needed by the blower motor. However I hadn’t thought of the surge duration. That problem hadn’t dawned on me at all. I agree that a 24VDC motor would be a better choice but actually finding one that will fit and mount correctly may be easier said than done . So I guess we’ll see how that works out …..

I also agree that a laptop would better serve my needs. My reasons for using the desktop were (A) I already had it and (B) because of some vision problems I have the small screen on a laptop is very difficult for me to use. I need the larger monitors on a desktop. Of course since the desktop has gone belly up (A) is now a moot point. And funding has dried up for the present so I suppose I’ll be spending $5 worth of gasoline to get to the free computer at the library.

Mr Energy;  I always suspected that some brands of MSW inverters were more ‘modified’ than others. But other than buying then testing  how is a person to know which brands are better than others? I could take the power supply filter coil and capacitors froon old tube type TV. Do you think that might help smooth out the MSW square waves? (At least on a circutt just for a computer.)