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Thak You all for the very good replies. I sincerely apologize for the great lenght of time that it has taken for me to get back to you. I’ve had a number of technical and personal difficulties.

I should have stated in my original post that I was talking about a desktop computer. From your replies I think the general consensus  as far as desk tops are concerned is that MSW will work but…… The idea of putting the MSW to the UPS battery sounds like a good idea though. I hadn’t thought of that.

Since a computer is a major investment to me I’m thinking that a pure sine wave inverter would probably be the better way for me to go.  Even if I change my mind later, I know I PSW inverter will be used later on. Probably next year I’ll be using a fairly good sized furnace blower in my heating system. I’m sure the PSW inverter will come in handy for that.

Any thoughts on MSW for sattellite or wireless internet connection equipment? Any 12vdc connection equipment out there?

Thank You,