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480 is a common voltage I work with daily on three phase equipment. And 2400 VDC systems for ionizers. It’s really the same safety precautions when working with 240VAC. It’s certainly not fun to get hit with higher voltages, though I have only been hit once with 2400VDC and once with 480VAC. I use lineman’s gloves (which are good for up to 5KV) for working on the ionizers these days. Of course 180VDC is not much different than 240VAC shock wise and so you are right about the safety precautions.

Many years ago I was on a job site where a man who was breaking up an old concrete slab punctured a ~10KV main line with a jackhammer and killed him instantly. His friend was running over to push him away from the jackhammer when the foreman yelled “Don’t touch him!”.