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I have had no problem with the high quality modified sine wave inverters running the computer for 15 years.

What has damaged them is surges from lightning through the cable or phone line welding and pitting the mother board.

So now, when severe storms are coming I unplug from the wall the DSL/telephone connection in addition to turning off the power strip.   I have had no problems with most electric motors, but a few cheapies can’t take it or make noise.

For my guitar amps, I have a selectable pure sine wave inverter.   The home stereo runs fine on modified sine wave, as does the well pump, heater fan, TV and DVD/VHS players.  When I was building, modified sine wave (twin DR2424s) ran Skilsaw, drill, jig saw, router, table saw, and cement mixer with no problem.  I haven’t even had the problems that are supposed to happen with adapters or AC to DC chargers for cordless equipment.