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Please excuse the delay. My computer time is very limited.


Thank you MR. Energy for taking the time to find those screen shots.  I have a background in electronics also but mine is from the dinosaur era.  My first impression from looking at the screen shots is that such a waveform would have to generate a lot of RF noise. Especially with a couple of hundred watts running through your house wiring . Your house wiring acting as a big antenna.  I would be surprised any one could use a an AM radio anywhere near such a thing.  I’m worried that a computer could (not nescesarily would but could) mistake some of the peaks of the noise for bits. That much power in the RF noise that close by would almost have to be induced in to the computer circuitry somewhere. Or at least so it seems. Yet many people use MSW with their computers with no problems. Quite baffling  So I guess it is time for me to try something and see whats happens.


Thank you all.