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In the time waiting to get off grid, use that time wisely, buy things little at a time, things you WILL need, some long term items are solar panels (they don’t go bad), wiring, building materials (especially good if you can get them free or cheap from somewhere like Craigslist), hand tools, warm clothing, things to go inside your off grid home, sinks, plumbing supplies, cabinets, countertops, flooring… these are all things you will need, buy it up little at a time, look for deals, do this while you aren’t under the gun to get your place setup to live in. That’s what we did and it worked very well for us. I kept an eye out for bargains all the time, one of my best “hauls” was from an older duplex that was being remodeled, there was a huge pile of discarded goodies outside the duplex, it was OBVIOUS these were being tossed so I grabbed as much of the stuff as I could, got a great old kitchen sink that was still in very good shape. Buying or acquiring these things over a period of time means you can bargain shop, and it doesn’t hit your pocketbook so hard.

About 3-6 months before you KNOW you are going to move off grid, but while you still have a job and money coming in, start buying up non-perishable foods, canned foods, dry foods, things that you can rely on to keep you going until you get yourself established, don’t forget about gardening stuff and if you plan on having animals, don’t forget about the things you will need for them.