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jengr I understand how you feel.  I have a lot of ideas on what I want to do for going off grid.  Just funds are limited and I don’t want to live off grid with out a basic necessities being stable.  I have already purchased my land but I have 5 years to pay it off, so I figure that that gives me quite a bit of time to save up as much as I can and to build up little by little.  A lot of things I have learned since starting this idea is there is so many road blocks that can get in the way. Such as permits and inspections which wastes so much money even when you want to live so simple, but makes me think of things to cut costs in other areas.   For one ways of cutting down electricity while still keeping a decent standard of living, because Solar panels and batteries are EXPENSIVE!  So I have invested a lot of time into researching other ideas like rocket stoves, Stone ovens, root cellars, and ideas for growing veggies year round.  My plan is to be off grid by 30.  So that should give me more then enough time to save up and start building small things on my land before I make it permanent