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first off, its not that hard drilling your own well, you just need the pipes, the casing, a good water supply in a tank and a good water pump and hoses
then you jet the well down and it goes pretty quick and easy
ive also hand augured wells before, lots of work but cheap to do
next, never concrete in a wooden post, treated or not, the concrete will make it rot
just pour a pad at the bottom of the hole, place your post and brace it in place
then drop in a shovelfull of dirt, turn your shovel end for end and use the handle to pack
the dirt in all the way around the post. pack every scoopful good and hard until the hole is full
when you do this your post will vibrate like a tuning fork when you tap it
that is the only correct way to plant any wooden post and it works well on pipes too
and just so you know, never plant any wooden post with the bark on it
even good cedar posts are only good a few short years with the bark left on
bugs and fungus move in under the bark and destroy your post
with bark on, you get 5 or 6 years from a post
with bark off, cedar will last 30+ years