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I purchased 36.9 acres in southern colorado on the west side of walsenburg. It’s right next to a mountain. There isn’t a great deal of rain per year about 20 -30 inches but it snows about the same amount which I can shovel and melt down into storage containers during the winter time.  The reason I named myself such a high prices is because of the few things that are expensive and plus I am pretty much starting from the ground up. I need a foundation 10 x 40 to place a shipping container on, a well to be drilled, plus i need lots of tools.  I would like to start living out there now but unfortunately the nearest town is 30 minutes away which would make for a long trip and lots of gas and that’s if I can even find any work out in that town. I’m great with computers but my skill set probably isn’t really needed too much in a small town, but I will see later on.   I’m currently 25 so my goal is to save up that amount of money in 5-6 years.  I currently live in vegas and live as cheaply as possible to save up as much money as I can.