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Ok, I have to answer this one..  Is an article I wrote that briefly covers all earthen methods. I discuss my opinions about the Earth Ships which I like, but feel they are best made in a arid desert area at least the way the author of the books makes them.  is a post where I talk about energy efficient passive solar design and such.

A guy from some Biotecture Institute invented what he called an Iron Butterfly for ramming dirt in tires.  Imagine a Pipe with a T handle on top and power coming off of that. A single horizontal hydraulic piston on one side at bottom pushing one way and metal ram pushing the opposite way. Or imagine this thing having an I shape with the bottom of it being the ram. I saw pictures of it but can’t find the web site now or the images.  If you google or youtube  for this all you get is rock band crap.

What climate do you live in where you intend to build this eartship? how many inches of rain per year does it get? how humid is it? What are the outside temperature extremes?