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I’m in somewhat of the same boat as kevmo, except that I haven’t been to one of his seminars. Apoph, while I definitely are inclined to believe you’re stories, based on the amount of experience you’ve had, I wonder though if you don’t fully agree with what MR says that “mistakes will be made, this is what we need to do research” etc blah blah. Also a couple questions about the greenhouse:

The south facing windows that let in light now have a buffer “zone” between your house and the glass. Basically its just a green house, in front of your house haha, which to be 100% when i saw it i thought “that doesn’t really seem all that inovative. But, it does have opening in the roof of this greenhouse that can be opened and closed so that the heat from the greenhouse escapes from the roof rather than going into the house if so desired. I have watched some videos of MR explaining that this “Global Model” earthship is by far the best, and if he could replace every other earthship he’s built with this model he would. He seems pretty confident in saying that he’s really got something that works, well or at least is acceptable. I’m sure its not without problems, it just seems as you said you haven’t given any thought about earthships since long ago, i wonder what your opinion would be if you took another look at this. I am glad i read what you had to say, as I figured in the back of my mind that the Earthships can’t be the only viable option out there, or the best, but i didn’t really know why and what other options there were. I hope i can hear some more feedback from you, as actually you are really giving great information. Thanks.