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WrethaOffgrid, Is there anything, other than going off-grid, we can do about that? Not that I know off, so I live my life the way I feel is right, not like they want me to, as long as I do what I do within certain boundaries I have nothing to fear. I don’t care wether I am categorized as someone they feel have to watch or not. The reason they visit your blog is because you are a free spirit living outside the box they want people to live in. They are curious about your way of thinking, maybe they are even learning about certain things you write. If there are enough people like you/us out there, they probably even changes laws, not necessarily for the worst. Their main goal is to keep the people calm, witch they managed pretty well until people started going off-grid and growing their own food. If the government is smart(!) or wise(!) they don’t see that as a threat of insubordination but as an improvement to make the land more sufficient, especially in these times of economic chaos…