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GridlessSuzy, I was with you until that last sentence…. those of us who are conservative, Christian, pro or ex military, pro-gun, pro-second amendment, pro-constitution, independent, (I could go on) are considered potential enemies of the state, potential domestic terrorists, WE did nothing wrong and yet we are being categorized as someone that the powers that be should watch and be concerned about. I have done nothing wrong, nothing illegal and yet there are a plethora of alphabet agencies who regularly visit my blog, what are they looking for? If I have nothing to worry about, nothing to hide, then why do they come back time after time, why not look once, see that there is nothing wrong and don’t come back?

If you wish to give away your freedom for security, well we all know where that goes… I suppose you wouldn’t have anything against the police putting up roadblocks and going through your car each time you drive, or going through your home without a warrant or suspicion that anything is amiss…. after all, if you have nothing to hide…