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I use an airsoft rifle. Doesn’t kill but dogs don’t like it much. Ammo is cheap and it sure makes them run. Gets their attention.. LOL

I have free range chickens and rabbits. Lost some because of one of my neighbors dogs. I notified him in person of what is going on but it didn’t do any good. Purchased an airsoft rifle that shoots multiple BB’s like a machine gun. (5-6/sec.) Started peppering them  every time I seen them anywhere close! Took about 2-3 sessions but they know now that it’s not pleasant to come around these parts..

Word association works! I yelled “Beat IT” every time I peppered them. Now if I yell, they scramble! They tested me a few times but not for a good while..

During the summer, I usually have music of some kind playing softly outside. I leave the music on when I leave and the dogs think that I’m around so they seem to stay away. I haven’t lost any critters for a year or so..