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The problem is that the flame gradually reduces over time (<1 hr.) until it is out (this with a unit with a single 1/8″ wick and an experimental quad 1/16″ wick).  I first thought that it was caused by a vacuum in the jar, so I punched a tiny hole in the lid.  No improvement.  I then converted the quad wick to a double wick – again no improvement.  It acts like the fuel is not meeting the flame demand – fuel starvation!  In ALL candle examples tested, the wick material from flame to end of wick is 2X the base to flame distance, or 8″, with 4″ of wick material running along the jar bottom.

I am using the newer Ball squat pint Mason Jar , both the 1/8″Fiberglass Wick material (#1284-10) and 1/16″ Fiberglass Wick material (#1376-10) in both double and quad wick configuration, and the TGWT-2.0-25 2″ Glass Wick Tubes, all combined for a jar base to bottom of flame height of exactly 4″.  I even punched a tiny hole in the lid near the wick tube to equalize the jar internal pressure/vacuum just like the commercial candles.  I also have tied off the submerged ends of the wicks with nylon thread to prevent wick unraveling (this material is really bad about this).

What have I done wrong?  Fuel draw length is less than 7″,  jar internal volume is vacuum/pressure equalized, and I am using quality materials for a high quality liquid paraffin candle.  I need a consistent 1″ flame and a ~80 hr. burn time.  How do I fix this problem?