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Depends on how many are in your household who will be eating the eggs and/or chicken…. we have neighbors who buy up a dozen or more laying hens, then end up with more eggs than they can deal with, you must remember that during peak laying time (young healthy hens in summer) they will give you on average one egg per hen per day, so if you have a dozen hens, that’s a dozen eggs, PER DAY.

Personally, if I were going to get chickens for eggs, for 2 adults in the house, I would have 3-6 laying hens, no more. If you have a way to sell the eggs, then go ahead and get more, understand that you are going to have to have a way to store the eggs before sale, that means lots of egg cartons, you will either have to buy them or begin saving cartons, get your friends, family and neighbors to save egg cartons for you, you can NEVER have too  many of those!

Do you have customers yet? Those who want to buy eggs from you? Depending on how and where you sell, you will either have to sell “under the table” or you will have to have a tax ID and whatever health and sanitation inspections and permits necessary. It all depends on how much you want the local and state government in your life, pocketbook and hen house :)

Are you looking for laying or meat chickens? Are you planning on having roosters to propagate your flock or will you buy more chickens as time goes by?